Calculators are amazing tools to help us quickly solve math problems from the very simple to the very complex.  Most of us have an app on our phone that can perform the most basic functions.  But sometimes, we need to perform a more complex calculation such as estimating a car loan or mortgage payment and are not sure where to turn.  For a quick answer, turn to our website.  We have a page full of financial calculators to help answer many questions. 

Some of our more popular calculators include: 

  • Loan Payoff 
  • Mortgage Refinancing 
  • Car Affordability 
  • Cost of Retirement 
  • College Funding 
  • Life Insurance Needs 
  • Long Term Care Costs 

These easy calculators give you immediate answers based on a few simple inputs.  This snapshot is helpful, but not always the whole story.  For a more comprehensive look into your financial picture, it’s good idea to consult with a financial planner.  Hovis & Associates is here to help you.  We listen to our clients needs, concerns, and goals, and help them create a plan to achieve their dreams.  Call us today to schedule a meeting at 800-411-0737.