Working Past Medicare Eligibility Transcript

Thanks for joining Hovis & Associates for Part 2 of a 2-part series on working past Medicare eligibility. Here are the mostly commonly asked questions from clients.

Does my employer have retiree options?

Most employers do not offer retiree coverage these days, but to really analyze your situation and see if you need to stay on the retiree options you have, you need to find out what they are and compare them to what Medicare options you have.

Have you enrolled in Part B yet?

If you have already enrolled in Part B, you should be able to enroll on a Medicare plan as soon as you leave your employer coverage. If you have not enrolled in Part B yet, we need to do that as soon as possible and that will let us know when we are first eligible to enroll you in a Medicare plan.

Was your employer coverage credible?

If you did not enroll in Part B yet, knowing if your employer coverage was creditable is going to tell us whether or not you will have a Part B penalty. Hopefully you found out prior to enrolling in Part B if your coverage was creditable, so you will not be surprised if you get a penalty for Part B.

MAPD or MSUP? What’s the best for me?

Once you decide to come off of your employer coverage, the real question that you will have when you meet with us is do I need to enroll on Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Supplement. There’s not one best plan for everybody so that is what we will analyze and figure out what is the best situation for you.

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