You may have seen several commercials about Part B Givebacks, OTC Benefits, Flex cards, Healthy Groceries, Pet Care, Dental, Vision and Hearing offered to Medicare Advantage Plan beneficiaries, but what they don’t tell you is not every plan offers the same benefits, and not all benefits are offered to every member. Always check your plan’s Summary of Benefits or Evidence of Coverage for the complete list of all the benefits offered by your Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD). Here is a list of some of the extra benefits that may be available to you.

Part B Givebacks are commonly offered by Medicare Advantage Plans without Prescription Drug Coverage that are designed for Veterans. There are only a few Medicare Advantage Plans with Prescription Drug coverage that do offer small Part B Givebacks.

Many of the MAPDs offer OTC Benefits. Several of the plans have moved to using a card that can be scanned or swiped at an In-Network store to pick up approved items; while some plans are still using catalogs or online ordering.

Another set of benefits offered by MAPDs are Dental, Vision, and Hearing. Plans may require doctors to be In-Network while others may provide discounts for certain providers or give you a reimbursement no matter who you see. Every plan will give a varied amount for each benefit.

Some MAPDs also offer Flex Cards to pay for Healthy Groceries, Utilities, Pet Care, Dental, Vision, and Hearing. Whether you are swiping or scanning a card, these benefits are unique to each plan and may require activation or staying within a network. Some plans allow for your funds to roll over while others have an expiration date.

Some plans include a Fitness Benefit, but each has a network of participating facilities that you must use. Some MAPDs even include fitness equipment like a Fitbit as a benefit.

Most MAPDs offer a travel benefit with a certain number of trips to health-related appointments. Some may even allow non-health related appointments.

There are several considerations when choosing a plan, so it is important to focus on what is important to you. One plan does not fit every person.

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