Over the years, the opportunities that we are able to provide to our agents have greatly expanded.  We are able to afford our agents a lead program, and the hospital/doctor partnerships that have been procured supplement additional opportunities throughout the year.  Thus, we have decided to relocate and expand our St. Louis office to furnish space for all these agent opportunities. The new office will more than double in size bestowing the following spaces to help our agents serve you: 

  1. THREE additional offices to conduct lead appointments.  
  2. Agent Workspace-this will provide our agents a place to come and process applications and service work, if necessary.  Desks, internet, and a copier/scanner/fax machine will be provided to complete all enrollment functions. 
  3. Training Center-this classroom style facility has state of the art equipment to provide trainings in-person and virtually simultaneously.  It hosts up to 20 people for in-person sessions to collaborate and network with other agents.  See our training schedule and RSVP today! 

The additional space equips our agents with a compliant and beautiful space to complete business transactions provided by Hovis & Associates and to offer continuing education so they can further grow in their business all while being steps away from assistance if needed.  

Come see our new location at 3660 South Geyer Road, Suite 190, St. Louis, MO 63127 – where the coffee is hot, the candy bowl is always full, and the banter is helpful and cheerful.  To get a more in-depth view of our services, check out the Agent Services page on our website or speak with Kevin Hovis at (888) 613-6196.  We make the complicated SIMPLE!   

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