Imagine sitting in an appointment with your clients. You are covering the different options they have available to them for Medicare insurance. Turns out, an Advantage plan is best for the husband, and a Supplement with a Part D plan is best for the wife. They sign the applications, you close out the meeting, and you are feeling great because you just did everything you could to protect your clients, right?

But wait! Did you consider any of the below questions before they walked out the door:

  • Does your client have money set aside for out-of-pocket expenses?
  • Have you considered coverage for a skilled stay or nursing care?
  • Do you know someone who has cancer, had a heart attack, or had a stoke that didn’t have coverage to assist will bills during or after the occurrence?
  • Did you know that Medicare does not cover Dental, Vision or Hearing?
  • Can your client afford the costs of a funeral and/or related expenses?

No? Then you left your clients vulnerable AND commissions on the table! At Hovis & Associates, our agents can offer all ancillary products to FULLY protect their clients, so another agent doesn’t!

Products to be discussing with your clients:

  1. Hospital Indemnity – to assist clients on Medicare Advantage plans with co-pays due to hospital stays or outpatient services with optional plan benefits available.
  2. Recovery Care | Short Term Nursing Plan – to assist client on Medicare Supplement plans who have not met the required three-day inpatient care for Medicare to cover a skilled nursing facility or nursing home.
  3. Cancer, Heart Attack, or Stoke Insurance – plan options to the client, sprouse, children or family for a lump sum payment directly to the policyholder to help offset out-of-pocket expenses or living expenses if an incident occurs.
  4. Dental, Vision, Hearing – provides extra benefits to clients on preventive and diagnostic care including annual checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and more.
  5. Final Expense – a benefit plan to help the selected beneficiary cover the costs of a funeral for the policyholder by paying out the selected amount in lump sum.

Understanding your client’s situation is important to know what to offer. Empowering your clients with the knowledge of these products assures them that you are looking out for their best interests and gives them the knowledge to make important decisions.

Not contracted with a carrier that offers these types of products to your clients? Give us a call today!  At Hovis & Associates, our motto is to Make the Complicated Simple! Ready to make the move? Contact us at 888-613-6196 to get started! We look forward to working with you!