Did you recertify?

We know. We know. Annual certification is everyone’s FAVORITE time of the year!! Test, after test, after test of the same information with each carrier. You just feel like you want to throw in the towel! However, it’s important to keep your renewals coming and for you to stay on top of the company’s compliance rules.

Our advice?

  • Spread it out. Certifications start coming out in June, and release about every 2 weeks thereafter. Complete them as they are released, and NOT all at once in September or October. It will feel less overwhelming and not such a hassle.
  • Hovis & Associates also offers full step-by-steps AND certification classes for contracted agents to attend at our St. Louis office. Our staff will help walk you through the entire process one company at a time. Check out Hovis & Associates online schedule for class times and availability under Training/Recognition!

Does your upline keep renewals?

It’s important to do your research prior to signing up with an upline. Some uplines will pay agents on NEW business but will keep the renewals to themselves.

Our advice?

  • Contract under an upline that doesn’t process your payments but allows you to get paid directly from the insurance companies (like Hovis & Associates). That way, you know you are receiving the full new business amounts, as well as renewals. To start contracting with us, click here!

Communication with Book of Business

When was the last time you reached out to your clients? If they haven’t heard from you in awhile and have an issue, they may call the insurance company directly or another agent. If that happens, you risk losing the client and your renewals.

Our advice?

  • Sending something simple like a Christmas card, or a yearly mailer to remind them to review their plans could help! Just a little, “Hey, I’m here to help” or “Remember me if you have an issue.”

At Hovis & Associates, our motto is to under promise and OVER deliver! Ready to make the move? Contact us today at 888-613-6196 to get started! We look forward to working with you!