Moving on Medicare Transcript

Hi, I am Kevin Hovis with Hovis & Associates. What happens to your Medicare plan if you move?

Life happens, maybe you get a new job, you decide to retire, or you move closer to family. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to help you navigate moving while on Medicare.

Medicare Part A and Part B will always travel with you. But Medicare Advantage plans and Prescription Drug plans may not.

Weather you move within or move out of your plan’s service area you have options.

If you move to a new city within your plan’s service area, but new options are available to you, you can keep your current plan or change to a different Medicare Advantage Plan or Prescription drug plan.  If you move to a new city which is outside of your plan’s service area, you can enroll in a new Medicare Advantage Plan or Prescription Drug Plan, drop your Medicare Advantage Plan and return to Original Medicare, or purchase a Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plan.

When you decide to move, you can either notify your plan before or after the move.  According to Medicare, your special enrollment period begins the month you notify your plan, which then gives you two months to switch to another Medicare Advantage Plan or Prescription Drug Plan.

At Hovis & Associates, we are licensed in 22 states. We would be glad to help you with any questions you may have while moving on Medicare.

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