Interpreting Medicare Transcript

Hovis & Associates, this is Lacey. How can I help you? Oh, hi Mr. Willis. How are you today? That’s great! You’re retiring in August, and you need some help navigating Medicare? First, have you went on to or call the SS (Social Security) office to sign up for Medicare, or do you have your MBI (Medicare Beneficiary Identifier) number, and your Part A and Part B dates? IKR (I know, right), it is a process. Alright. Well, thanks, Bruce. Have a great day!

When you hear a conversation about Medicare, does it sound like they’re speaking another language?  At Hovis & Associates, we make Medicare simple. Let’s look in on a conversation we have around here on a daily basis.

Hey, guys, I just got a call from Tom. He has a client that is NTM (New to Medicare), A, B, 9/1, outside of IEP (Initial Enrollment Period), he missed AEP (Annual Enrollment Period), and he didn’t qualify for OEP (Open Enrollment Period). Thoughts? Are they SEP-LEC (Special Enrollment Period – Loss of Employer Coverage)? No, LEC (Loss of Employer Coverage) was 2/1. What kind of plan do they want? An MAPD (Medicare Advantage Plan), or a Plan G and PDP (Prescription Drug Plan)? Don’t forget about their LEP (Late Enrollment Penalty). SMH (shake my head).  LIS (Low Income Subsidy)? IDK (I don’t know)!

We provide our agents with the tools and support to interpret the language of Medicare and to make the enrollment process simple. At Hovis & Associates, we speak Medicare.

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