AEP seemed like a blur. Call after call, meeting after meeting. Before you knew it, it was December 7th! You made every effort to meet with all your clients to make sure they were on the best plan for their needs starting January 1st.

But what happens to that client that was “okay” with their plan, and went to the pharmacy on January 4th for their prescriptions to find out they had a higher co-pay than last year? Or they went to the doctor in early February and were prescribed a new medication that isn’t covered on their plan?

This is your last opportunity to help your clients on MAPD plans with the Open Enrollment Period that ends March 31, 2019!

So what options are available to your clients during the OEP? Let’s break it down.

Changes that Can Be Made during OEP

  • MAPD to MAPD or MA Only
  • MAPD to Original Medicare (with or without PDP)
  • MA Only plan to MA Only or MAPD
  • MA Only plan to Original Medicare (with or without PDP)

Changes that CANNOT be made during OEP

  • Switch from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (if currently enrolled in Original Medicare)
  • Switch from one standalone Medicare Prescription Drug plan to another.

With the OEP comes strict marketing guidelines on contacting beneficiaries. Let’s review what you as an agent can and can’t do to remain compliant.

Do’s of Marketing OEP

  • Conduct marketing activities that focus on other enrollment opportunities. Such as age-ins, 5-star plans, and Dual.
  • Send marketing materials when a beneficiary makes a proactive request.
  • At the beneficiary’s request, have one-on-one meetings.

Don’t of Marketing OEP

  • Don’t send unsolicited material advertising the ability/opportunity to make an additional enrollment change or referencing the OEP.
  • You cannot target beneficiaries who are in the OEP because they made a choice during AEP by purchase of mailing lists or other means of identification
  • Don’t engage in or promote agent/broker activities that intend to target the OEP as an opportunity to make further sales
  • Don’t call or contact former enrollees who have selected a new plan during AEP.

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