New Life & Health insurance agents always ask, “How will I generate leads?”  At Hovis & Associates, we offer more than leads; we offer appointments.  How is this different?  Appointments are people that are interested in making a change.  They have contacted us for a review.  There is a higher close ratio which means a better chance to earn commission.  Moreover, all appointments are conducted in FREE office space at one of the convenient Hovis & Associates’ locations.

Our Business Builder Program is available to agents who have all of their contracts under Hovis & Associates.  Once you have seen and written a policy for a client, that person becomes your client.  That means you receive the full street-level commission and the renewals!  This is a little different than our competition. Eventually, this compound growth yields big dollars, and you won’t even need these lead appointments any longer. You will have generated your own book of business through referrals from your network and current clients

We always provide special training to our Business Builder agents, as well.  These agents will go through an appointment prep and process training to make sure they know the ins and outs of paper and e-applications; how to compliantly compare plans; how the material should be presented to the client; and how the applications are submitted.  Moreover, agents will also attend an AEP wrap-up training to ensure all applications were processed and accounted for; tips and tricks to resolve issues with pending applications; and a summary of how and when commissions are paid through each insurance carrier.   If you are curious and want to see how Hovis & Associates operates, RSVP for our AEP Wrap-Up meeting on Friday, December 10th.

We strive to empower our agents and to add dimension to their expertise with training and support.  To get a more in-depth view of our services, check out the Agent Services page on our website or speak with Kevin Hovis at (888) 613-6196.  We make Medicare SIMPLE!