“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

Gratitude is the origin of all positive emotions. The feeling of gratitude in your heart, mind, and soul generates magical feelings. Hovis & Associates feels so blessed that in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to share nine things we are grateful for!

  1. Our Employees: Without wonderful employees, our customers and agents would not have such pleasant experiences. We are blessed to have intelligent, quick thinking, and caring employees who try their best to make every experience a pleasant and easy one. They are the cornerstone to our operation.
  2. Our Agents: We thank every agent who puts their TRUST in Hovis & Associates! Agents can choose which upline to work under, and we are grateful you have chosen Hovis & Associates.
  3. Our many partnerships that we have with hospitals, doctor groups and Medicare companies. Hovis & Associates establishes partnerships to be able to provide ALL of your options in ONE place.
  4. Meeting choices: We provide virtual or in-person meetings to meet each client’s expectation level.
  5. Application processes that serve every client’s comfort level: 1) Electronic- a completely virtual process 2) Drop by Days (Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday) to sign applications. No appointment required. Your situation is discussed over the phone and you just drop by to sign the application and pick up your plan materials. This is a great option for someone without an email but wants less contact or less time. Our final option is an in-person appointment where you can discuss all of your needs, wants, issues and expectations for a plan.
  6. Referrals: We appreciate all the referrals of your friends and loved ones to come see us at Hovis & Associates. To us, that is the biggest compliment we can ever receive!
  7. Community: We are grateful that we are able to be involved with, and give back to, our community. We love where we live and like to support local businesses and causes that give a hand up to society and our community. Check out our Community Involvement page to see a list of who we support.
  8. 2020: Although 2020 has been filled with affliction, we are grateful for all the truths that have been brought to light. Stay strong and be a child of the light! Remember that usually the best things come from the most difficult situations.
  9. YOU!!!: We are super grateful for all of our clients and potential clients. I have saved the best for last because without you and your trust in us, we would not be in business. Thank you for a wonderful 36 years, and we look forward to many more.

If you are approaching your 65th birthday or need some guidance on current Medicare options, call Hovis & Associates at (800) 411-0737 or check out our Medicare FAQs on our website. Annual Enrollment period ends Monday, December 7th. We make the complicated SIMPLE!

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