Servicing clients can be a full-time job, especially during the busy AEP season.  Here are some tips to help you work smarter, not harder, so you can get the best out of AEP.

  1. Plan

Use a planner or calendar app to help with important daily events, such as client appointments and other meetings. Creating a plan will help you stay on task and accomplish more throughout the week. At the end of each workweek, block out an hour to plan your next week. Use alarms and notifications on your phone to keep you on-time throughout the day and on schedule for the week. Utilizing these tools will help you stay on track for AEP and the whole year.

  1. Create Client Systems

Maintaining a database will allow you to focus on client retention. Create an Excel spreadsheet to manage client information, such as name, birthday, address, phone number, and plan. Use the client database to inform clients of any plan changes that become available after October 1st.  A client database can be used to make sure your clients know you are there to help them with questions or needs throughout the year, not just during AEP.

Keep track of all client files by developing a client appointment process. What steps do you take from start to finish with each client appointment? Create a checklist template that you use for every client appointment. Include steps such as application follow up, client follow up letters, and commissions tracking. Having a client system in place can make retaining your clients easier.

  1. Contracting and Certification

Having all contacting and certifications completed prior to October 15th will help you focus on your clients’ needs without worrying if you are contracted and certified. Carriers and AHIP release their annual certification for selling Medicare Advantage and Part D plans from June to September. Completing those courses as soon as they are released prepares you for conducting client appointments during AEP.

  1. Computer Organization

A computer is a vital part of your business. It has many tools to make your life easier. Don’t waste time searching your computer for documents or websites. Creating separate file folders in your documents for personal items and client files and adding bookmarks on your internet tool bar for each carrier’s portal are some simple ways to organize your computer.

  1. Managing Your Email

Much like your computer files, you can create folders in your email account to save important messages.  Once you read an email, you should move it out of your inbox into a folder or delete it if it is junk mail.  That way you can easily retrieve it when needed and keep your inbox to a manageable list.

Email can be a blessing and a curse.  Regardless of your feelings surrounding it, it’s now become a necessity in the business world.  Many people have problems managing the constant stream of messages. To minimize distractions, check email 3 times a day, at the beginning of the day, middle of the day and end of the day. This will help you to stay focused on tasks, instead of checking emails when they come in.

54 days flies by when you have back-to-back appointments each day. Start your AEP with an organized plan of action! At Hovis & Associates, our motto is to Make the Complicated Simple. We provide training and guidance to help get you organized so you get the best results out of your AEP.  Are you looking for a new upline? Don’t wait until AEP starts. Give us a call today at 888-613-6196!