Although Medicare provides a range of health care benefits to seniors and those with disabilities, it does not cover routine teeth cleaning, vision tests, hearing tests and similar procedures. There are some Medicare Advantage plans, however, that provide preventive coverage for dental, vision and hearing, but those under an original Medicare plan must find other coverage options.

So what are those other options? One of them is through Medico Insurance Company. Medico has been providing insurance to Americans since 1930 and has an excellent track record for providing high quality products and services, which includes its dental, vision and hearing insurance.

Why Choose Medico Insurance Company?

Medico’s coverage for dental, vision, and hearing covers all of the routine procedures, such as dental cleanings and fillings, eye exams and glasses, as well as hearing tests and hearing aids. Medico’s coverage plan also protects you against the unexpected cracked tooth, lost glasses or emergency hearing problem.

The insurance coverage was created for people age 18 to 89 years old who either have no coverage for dental, vision and hearing, or who are on Medicare and need additional coverage in these areas.

Your premium depends on your age, much like a life insurance policy; the younger you are the lower the premium, and the older you are the higher the premium. For example, the age group of 18 to 39 pays $29 a month with a $1,000 yearly benefit (meaning you cannot go over a $1,000 worth of treatments), while the oldest age group, 80 to 89, has a monthly premium of $38 a month.

Coverage & Benefits

Medico offers two certificate options for maximum benefits — $1,000 and $1,500. The yearly deductible for the policy is $100. Those signing up for coverage with Medico are guaranteed acceptance and have the freedom to choose any provider. However, patients who choose providers in Medico’s dental network will receive better discounts.

Under the dental plan, patients will be immediately covered for fillings, extractions of up to four teeth annually (excluding impacted wisdom teeth), diagnostic X-rays and exams, as well as emergency palliative treatment. After three months, patients can receive routine cleaning and examinations twice per year and receive examination X-rays. Services such as root canals, periodontal surgery and dentures will be covered up to 60 percent after one year of beginning the plan.

With the vision plan, patients can immediately get coverage for an eye exam. Eyeglasses and contacts (up to $200 over two years) are covered after six months. Hearing benefits begin after a year on the plan and cover hearing exams and hearing aids (limited to $500 annually).

Signing Up

The policy becomes effective on the first day of the month after you buy the policy, as long as you signed up and paid your premium by the last day of the previous month. After signing up, patients have a 30-day period to review their policy. If for any reason you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel the certificate and receive a refund on your premium.

To learn more about Medico Insurance Company’s dental, vision and hearing coverage, contact Hovis & Associates and ask to speak to an agent today.

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