Hovis & Associates supports our agents always in all ways.  One way we like to do this is by providing free continuing education (CE) credits to our agents every year.  Our slogan is to make Medicare simple, so we like to make CE simple too.  We have provided free CE credits twice in 2022 so far, totaling six free credit hours.  Once with our compliance meeting and again with a class sponsored by Anthem.  We invite you to a third opportunity to earn two additional CE credits on Thursday, July 21st, at our training center located at our St. Louis office.  This meeting will consist of two separate presentations: Part 1:  Brand v. Generic and Part 2:  Lock-in, But Not Locked Out.  Provider requires this event to be in-person.  We welcome any licensed health agent to attend who needs CE and who is looking for a new upline.  Register for this event here!

Once you have your Life & Health insurance license, you are required to collect 16 CE hours (in Missouri, this amount could be different in other states) every two years to renew your license.  Three of those hours must be in classes covering ethics.  Including this class, Hovis & Associates will have offered eight free CE credits in 2022 alone.  You would be half way to your required amount.

If you are a Medicare agent and looking for a new upline, please check out our Agent Services Page to see all the benefits of partnering with Hovis & Associates.  We also invite you to our upcoming CE event so that we can meet you, and you can see for yourself how Hovis & Associates supports and services our agents always in all ways.  Our goal is to make Medicare simple!  We look forward to working with you.