We choose local options when it comes to food because it is better for us; just like we choose to frequent local businesses because it stimulates the economy that we live in.  So, why wouldn’t you choose local when it comes to your Medicare uplines?  Here are several reasons why choosing Hovis & Associates for your Medicare upline is a win win:

  • Agency Level Contracts – Receive an override on applications sold if you manage THREE or more agents.
  • Business Builder Program – We don’t offer leads, we offer APPOINTMENTS!  All appointments are conducted in FREE office space at the applicable Hovis & Associates’ location.  You must have all contracts with Hovis & Associates to be eligible for this program.
  • Doctor & Hospital Partnerships – Opportunities to get in front of potential clients, especially during the Annual Enrollment Period, that are sourced from the client’s local and trusted medical professional or hospital system.
  • Commissions – We pay the highest street level commissions and renewals allowed by CMS.  Moreover, you receive your payments directly from the insurance company to ensure prompt payment.  Because of this set-up, your business is always your business, including renewals.
  • Walk-in Services – Two convenient locations in St. Louis & Festus
  • On-site and Virtual Training Options and Recognition – Hovis & Associates believes that knowledge is power. Thus, we provide training throughout the year to ensure your briefcase is full of opportunities.  By providing our annual AEP market overview and resource binder; compliance, HIPAA, and cybersecurity support; AHIP and certification step-by-step classes and instructions; and quarterly training sessions, we set you on a path for success and recognize those with completion and sales excellence awards.
  • We Invest in You – Hovis & Associates believes in YOU, the agent. Thus, we invest in your success with free annual CE credits, an E&O reimbursement program, co-op marketing opportunities, a marketing reimbursement program, and an agent referral program.

Although we provide the personalized service of a local company, we also partner with Integrity Marketing Group.  This partnership allows us to also provide resources like MedicareCenter and other quoting engines, free solutions to the call recording requirements, and discounted rates for Medicare client leads.

If you are a Medicare Agent and need a local FMO that provides you with solutions, trainings, and continuing education, then check us out at our Agent Services page on our website or request for us to contact you by filling out our information request form.  Our goal is to make Medicare simple!  We look forward to working with you.