Medicare Sign Up Transcript

Hi, Im Samantha Grossbauer and Welcome to KHOV5 In todays news we will discuss Social Security and Medicare. Did you know that there are 10,000 people turning 65 every day not including those who work past age 65 and choose to retire later? If this is you, I am sure you have noticed the hundreds of Medicare commercials on TV lately and have received your Medicare and You Book. Medicare might also be a heated discussion amongst your friends on who’s plan is better. Well here at Hovis & Associates we like to make Medicare Simple Today we will be breaking down the two most important parts of signing up for Medicare and also selecting the plan thats best for you. So, let’s go to Lacey Robertson in Fenton with more details. Lacey.  

Thanks, Sam. Im here at the Fenton Social Security Office This would normally be your first stop when applying for Medicare A & B, but as you can see it still closed. However, you can sign up online at or call 1-800-MEDICARE to sign up over the phone. If you are leaving employer coverage additional forms may be needed. Social Security Representative are available Monday thru Friday between the hours 7am and 7pm to help with the enrollment process or you can go to This is Lacey Robertson for Hovis & Associates.  

Thank you, Lacey, it looks a little chilly out there, stay warm. Now let’s turn to Kevin Hovis at the sports desk to discuss your Medicare Game Plan.  

Thanks, Samantha.  Hopefully Lacey can make it back out of the cold. Now lets turn to the chalk board to go over your Medicare game plan.  After starting out at Social Security and enrolling in part A and Part B we then want to avoid those hundreds of national commercial with all the retired football players We then bypass the 124 pages of Medicare and You Book handbook and go straight down the field to the end zone at Hovis & Associates where we then can discuss all of your available options, Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans.  At Hovis & Associates we make Medicare Simple.  Now let’s head back to Samantha at the news desk.  

Thanks, Kevin, for that enthusiastic sports report. Now if you need help with your Medicare Game plan you can give us a call or visit our website at You can also check us out, you can also check us out on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. And remember at Hovis & Associates, we don’t leave you out in the cold.