Envisioning Your Ideal Retirement Transcript

Hi, this is David Hovis, financial advisor at Hovis & Associates, here to talk about retirement, or more specifically, what your retirement might look like.  Have you ever stopped and given this much thought?

I’ve seen many people work very hard throughout their careers saving for retirement, dreaming of that day when you no longer have to work, only to find that several months into retirement, they are bored out of their minds.  Now don’t get me wrong – those first few months are awesome!  All those honey-do list items get completed and maybe even a well overdue vacation is taken.  Every day is Saturday!  But then they start to find they don’t have enough things to fill their day.  Some people even start looking for a part-time job just to have something to do.

So much time is spent focusing on IF you’ll have enough saved to retire, that you forget to put any thought into WHAT you’ll do in retirement.  That’s my point here today.  The money side is important, but you should also reflect on the WHO, the WHAT, and WHERE for your retirement.   Take a moment and envision what an ideal retirement for YOU might be.  Remember, you now have an EXTRA 8 or 9 hours to fill every day!

Who will you spend your time with?  Maybe it’s your spouse, your kids and grandkids, or your friends.

Then think about WHAT.  What will you do every day once you are no longer working?   Maybe you will volunteer your time, maybe spend time with your grandkids.  Or maybe you’ll even have time to exercise more and take up hobbies like golf.  Maybe you’d like to travel and spend time with friends.  The possibilities are endless.

Finally, think about WHERE you want to live.  You might be happy where you are, or you might want a change of scenery.

Retirement is a big milestone that should be celebrated but also given serious thought.  As you can see, it’s not all about the money.  But, if you do need help with retirement planning we can help with that as well.  We look forward to talking with you soon.