1.     Planning – Use a planner or calendar app to help keep you on time and on task for important daily events and tasks, like client appointments and processing applications. At the end of each workweek, block out an hour to plan your next week.

2.     Complete AHIP – Most carriers require you to complete AHIP as part of their certification process.

3.     Contracting – Complete any contracting for carriers prior to their blackout periods.

4.     Certifications – Complete all carrier certifications that you are contracted with to ensure that you are ready-to-sell for the 2024 AEP.

5.     Order supplies – Preorder supplies to have enrollment kits and marketing materials in time for AEP.

6.     Compliance – Review the new CMS Final Rule changes to make sure you stay compliant.

7.     Changes in the market – Review the changes in the market to better help your clients. Make notes of changes to benefits, premiums, networks, and plan names as well as migrations and plans added or removed.

8.     Marketing – Setup a marketing plan as soon as possible. Begin scheduling, reporting, and creating seminars in the area. Create marketing materials and submit them for approval. Decide on which platforms to use to market for AEP.

9.     Create Client Systems – Create and maintain a database of your clients, leads, and prospects.

10.  Connect with your clients – Start connecting with your clients if you haven’t already. Start collecting SOAs for AEP appointments. Create mailers, newsletters, and/or social media posts to help with retention and leads.

Start your AEP with an organized plan of action! At Hovis & Associates, our motto is to Make the Complicated Simple. We provide training and guidance to help get you organized so you get the best results out of your AEP.  Are you looking for a new upline? Don’t wait until AEP starts. Give us a call today at 888-613-6196!