Why Hovis Video Transcription

I’m Kevin Hovis with Hovis & Associates, where we make the complicated simple. We focus on Medicare Consulting and Financial Services. Are you disappointed in your Medicare upline? Have they over promised and under delivered? Have you not received the service you expected? Well, at Hovis & Associates service is what sets us apart.

We have walk in service with full staff at two locations. Festus and St. Louis. We have certification classes and if you can not attend a class,we have step by steps we can send by email. We also have supplies on demand for every company. We have quarterly training’s including our Fall Broker Meeting and one the most popular things we hand out at our Fall Broker Meeting is the Medicare Plan Guide which goes over all the plan details from all plans available in the area.

We also have some extras for our Agents including E&O reimbursement, marketing reimbursement. We also have preset appointments which are extremely HOT LEADS and we also have a relationship with Mercy Hospital. Where we have agents working in their hospital locations during the AEP.

So, we don’t just work here at Hovis & Associates, we also have a little fun. So when agents stop in our coffee is always hot. Our candy bowl is always full. We have the best chip clips in town. We have quite substantial pens for our agents, for all the business that they write. And when things get tough in the AEP, we are their shoulder to cry on.

So, if you have any questions or are interested in contracting go to our website at hovisandassociates.com or check us out on social media at Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.