Ready to Sell Winners Transcript

This just in, Hovis & Associates’ Agents are completing their certifications at a record pace. For more on this story, lets turn to Lacey Robertson in the newsroom.  

Thank you, Kevin In the early part of July, detailed stepbystep instructions were released to our agents. In just 3 short weeks, most of our agents have completed all available certifications. Because of the updated stepbystep instructions, we have received 340 entries into the Prize drawing.  

Now let’s send it to Sam in the weather center for our AEP forecast and list of winners. 

Thank you, Lacey. Lets jump straight to the future cast, which looks a little steamy with two new plans coming to St. Louis this AEP. With one from the north and one from the south its going to cause a lot of high pressure between the eight available carriers in the region.  

But, let’s get to todays forecast which is going to include some showers of PRIZES! Here is the list of our Ready to Sell winners. Contact the station to claim and to schedule a time to pick up your fabulous prize. Back to you Kevin.  

Thanks, Sam, for that enthusiastic forecast! Congratulations to all the winners. Remember there are four prizes left to win including the grand prize. Stay tuned for release of the additional stepbysteps.  At Hovis & Associates, We Make the Complicated Simple!  Check us out on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Good luck, and remember, the AEP is not a struggle, its an opportunity!